CrossFit 1607 – CrossFit


-roll thoracic spine, then keg stretch

-3 way shoulder x1 min each way

-3 way hip x1′ each way


shoulder pre-hab (No Measure)

10-15x pvc shoulder pass throughs

10x plank circles (R/L)

10x scap push ups

10x prone shoulder flexion (R/L)

20x band pull aparts

Dynamic warm up- short (No Measure)

10x shoulder pass throughs (PVC)

5x spiderman lunge (each side)

5x toe pulls (each side)

5x fire hydrants (fwd + bkwd)

7x push up-pull through

5x lateral lunge (each side)

7x “Russian baby makers”

1-2’x ankle stretch with bar


Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)

24′ AMRAP with a partner:

8x squat clean (95/65)

10x push press (95/65)

12x deadlift (205/140)

14x burpees
burpees must be done in alternating fashion with partner

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