About Crossfit 1607


Here at CrossFit 1607, our mission is to provide you with an encouraging and supportive community that enables you to improve your fitness. With our low coach to client ratio, each athlete receives individualized instruction and personalized coaching.

Our small class size allows each athlete to constantly improve their skills and ability in a safe and effective manner. At CrossFit 1607, our coaches are able to accommodate and challenge all levels from beginner athlete to the seasoned CrossFitter. We strive to provide not just a box, but a community to support you on your journey to a healthier lifestyle.



CrossFit Level 2 Trainer

After graduating from Virginia Tech, I moved back to Williamsburg, where I grew up. With a B.S. in Exercise and Health Promotion, I knew I wanted to be involved with exercise. That is when I became a personal trainer and eventually found CrossFit. CrossFit appealed to me not only for its definition of functional movement and philosophy of a true healthy lifestyle, but also because I was personally searching for a different way to exercise. I was immediately hooked from the effectiveness of the workouts to the strength, power, and mobility I was gaining. Having only scratched the surface of CrossFit and the movements, I wanted to learn as much as I could. To increase my knowledge, I completed my Level 1 CrossFit training and became a CrossFit trainer. Through the continuation of my CrossFit knowledge, my belief in its effectiveness grew. I now want to be able to share CrossFit, its philosophy, and how much fun this style of working out can be with others.



CrossFit Level 1 Trainer . CrossFit Kids Trainer

As long as I can remember, I have possessed a passion for health and fitness. In college, I found an outlet for this passion by becoming a certified group fitness instructor. During my time as an undergraduate at William and Mary, as well as my time as a graduate student at the University of Chapel Hill, I taught a variety of group fitness classes. When I graduated from UNC-Chapel Hill with an M.Ed. and Ed.S in School Psychology, I returned to Williamsburg to work as a school psychologist. However, my love for health and fitness continued to grow. In the fall of 2011, my entire view of fitness began to evolve. My husband, Matt, began completing CrossFit workouts in our garage. As I starting taking part in the CrossFit WODs, I quickly transformed from a “cardio queen” to ordering my own women’s bar for power lifts. My enthusiasm for CrossFit stemmed not only from the improvement in my strength and endurance, but also from the confidence I gained. My background in group fitness as well as psychology has helped me transition into a CrossFit Level 1 trainer. I love the group atmosphere and enjoy motivating people as they work towards their goals. I look forward to seeing you in class!



CrossFit Level 2 Trainer

It was over 6 years ago, but I can still clearly remember my first WOD, “Fight Gone Bad.” After seventeen minutes, I laid on the ground stunned at how effective the workout was. I went back to standard workouts for the next few days but it just wasn’t the same. A few days later, I completed my second WOD. At that point I was hooked and my passion for CrossFit was born. Having an athletic background in gymnastics and football, CrossFit seemed to be the perfect fit for me with its use of gymnastic and weightlifting movements. Once I graduated from Virginia Tech with a degree in nutrition and exercise, I decided to pursue my passion for CrossFit and became a Level 1 CrossFit trainer.



CrossFit Level 2 Trainer . CrossFit Kids Trainer

I have been an athlete all my life, competing at a local and provincial level in South Africa. Growing up I played just about every sport available to me. The day I started CrossFit in the spring of 2014, I knew this was it—a sport that is constantly varied, where the first cheers on the last, a sport where you can always grow, learn and get stronger! There was no way I could ever go back. I jumped right into CrossFit with all my heart and became a Level1 CrossFit Trainer. I was coaching and teaching Group Fitness classes at local gyms, but when I found the Midnights and 1607 I knew I had found a family! After experiencing CrossFit for myself (and wishing I could have done this as a kid) I became excited to share this love for movement with others. I completed a CrossFit Kids trainer course, and I have absolutely loved working with Michelle and our CrossFit Kids. My inward focus has became an outward focus…I love watching others do hard things they once thought impossible. I have enjoyed coaching so much, and look forward to having you join us!



CrossFit Level 1 Trainer . USAW Sports Performance Coach

I am a Respiratory Therapist, a CPR Instructor, and a Crossfitter! While pursuing a degree in Respiratory Therapy, I started going to the gym. I wanted to remain active since I was no longer playing competitive sports. I enjoyed the time away from the cares of the day and worked on my “glamour muscles.” I moved to Williamsburg with my husband in 2011 and continued my monotonous gym routine, and that’s where I found Crossfit. My first WOD was Karen. I thought, “That was terrible, when can I do it again?” I fell in love with Crossfit because it is a challenge every day. I have done things I never thought possible both inside and outside of the gym due to the strength and endurance I have gained from Crossfit. I completed my Crossfit Level 1 certification to learn as much as I could about the sport. I have a passion to teach and look forward to helping others achieve their goals.



CrossFit Level 1 Trainer

I am an Active duty Soldier serving as an Instructor in the Aviation branch at Fort Eustis. I had always struggle with my weight and was constantly looking for that magic pill or fad diet to help me lose weight. It was in 2013 when I found the magic formula, Crossfit. My first Crossfit work out was an assessment to see where my level of physical conditioning was. For me it was an eye opening experience! The work out was eight minute AMRAP consisting of push-up, sit-ups, pull-ups and air squats. My entire body was aching after but I knew I wanted more. In 2015, I completed my Crossfit Level 1 training with the hopes to teach my Soldiers and others about my experience and help them achieve theirs.



CrossFit Level 1 Trainer


CrossFit became the focal point of my daily life shortly after graduating from Auburn University, while living in a small town outside of Birmingham Alabama.  I had slipped into a sedentary way of life and lacked the drive needed to work out on my own each day.  To this day, I remember being convinced to attend my first CrossFit class and the unrelenting drive to be better took over!  Like most, I was immediately hooked and have never looked back.  I moved to Williamsburg in 2016 to pursue a career as a Regional Sales Director selling factory new aircrafts for Textron Aviation throughout the Virginia’s, D.C., and Maryland.  I now look forward to sharing my passion for fitness and overall wellness with the great community at CrossFit 1607!