I am a high school social studies teacher and wrestling coach here in Williamsburg. I started CrossFit in 2014, and I was hooked!  This was the first fitness program I had tried that could match the challenge and intensity that I was used to as a former college athlete.  I love CrossFit because it has helped build me into a better version of myself.  Being able to lift heavier or work harder does not necessarily make you a better person. However, the willingness to step out of your comfort zone to get to that point does improve you, and CrossFit challenges you to do that on a routine basis.  Moreover, the amazing community of support at CrossFit 1607 has been great for my social life and emotional health.  The family atmosphere here is better than any “box” I’ve worked out at before.  I believe in our gym’s mission of supporting people in their fitness journeys at ALL levels, and for that reason I am excited to help others exceed their potential as a CrossFit coach!