Blog Post pictureAfter a long anticipated month of waiting, the new CrossFit 1607 website has launched! Our re-designed website better reflects who we are as a community and has some great new features:

First, we want to feature our members throughout the website since you guys are the ones that make up our CrossFit 1607 family. Since not everyone was available to come to the photo shoot we held, we will continue to take pictures at events throughout the year and update our slide show.

Next, we wanted to make a user-friendly site that met everyone’s needs, whether you are a member, a prospective member, or a visitor. There is a member’s section where you can sign into RhinoFit and check out the latest schedule….since I seem to change the schedule on a weekly basis J There is a section for drop-ins, one that gives a clear action plan on how to join, and another about the coaches.

However, the most exciting part about the website is our blog! As if we didn’t talk enough during classes, you can now take us with you wherever you go! Our blog posts will feature a variety of topics such as informative posts about technique (aka: the elusive kipping pull ups and muscle ups), mobility information, the latest product reviews (because we all know that Matt and Garrett will have it), video demonstrations, and interviews with our members. So, be sure to stay tuned to be in the loop with the latest entries!


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