CrossFit 1607 – CrossFit


-keg stretch with KB anchored overhead (3 minutes on this!! otherwise KB movement overhead will be difficult)

-3 way shoulder (spend 2′ each on bow and arrow)

-banded hip flexor x 1′

-KB pry squat 5x contract/relax (5″/10″)

***take your time and focus on mobility. kettlebells will be difficult if proper ranges aren’t met


shoulder pre-hab (No Measure)

10-15x pvc shoulder pass throughs

10x plank circles (R/L)

10x scap push ups

10x prone shoulder flexion (R/L)

20x band pull aparts

(No Measure)


review kettle bell front rack (5 minutes)

20x Russian KBS (53/35)

10x American swings

10x Goblet squats

5x single arm push press each arm


Metcon (Time)

25x front squat (53/35) (in each hand)

25x push press (53/35)

25x T2B

50x ball slam (30/20)

25x T2B

25x push press

25x front squat
L3: Rx

L2: 35/26 kettlebells/ Toes-to-ring

L1: use dumbbells/ hanging knee tucks

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