CrossFit 1607 – CrossFit


-3 way shoulder

Hip Mobility (No Measure)

-1-2’x pigeon stretch

-1′ x lizard stretch

-1’x banded hip flexor

-2′ frog stretch

-5x Russian baby makers

-5x Cossack squat/lateral lunges


shoulder pre-hab (No Measure)

10-15x pvc shoulder pass throughs

10x plank circles (R/L)

10x scap push ups

10x prone shoulder flexion (R/L)

20x band pull aparts

(No Measure)


3 Rounds

5x push up-pull through

10x air squat


Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)

25′ ARMAP with a partner

A1: 400m run

A2: 10x back squat (135/95)

10x S2OH (135/95)

10x KBS (70/53)
While A1 run 400m, A2 completes as many reps as possible. When A1 returns, they will tag partner and pick up where A2 left off. A2 will begin run.

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