gopaleo  I hate the word diet. To me, diet implies some sort of awful restrictions for a certain period   of time. People cringe when they hear the word diet in a conversation. There is        immediately a negative connotation associated with this terrible word.

Therefore, I refer to eating paleo as a paleo lifestyle. For me, paleo is the way I choose to eat….for the long term. Eating paleo is just a part of our life. When I say this, I always get the question, “Yeah, but don’t you miss (insert food item here)?” My response is always, no. First, if I really want ____ , I will eat it. Do that one time after eating paleo for a while and you will never crave that item again. Your body will be used to getting clean, nutritious items and will rebel against you when given anything else. Next, if there is an item that I would like to eat, I will make it myself. I would much rather eat a muffin that was made with real ingredients that I feel are nutritious, rather than one that came out of a package. Finally, that is why it is called a LIFESTYLE. You must find a way to incorporate paleo eating into your life for the long term. If that means having ______ on occasion, so be it. Just make sure it is an occasional treat, rather than a nightly snack 🙂

So, why do I feel so passionately about a paleo lifestyle? Simple. I like the way it makes me feel. I am more energized (even in my current sleep deprived state), I sleep better, and my health is great. I know that I am giving my body the nutrients it requires and none of the junk it does not. Paleo is not intended for weight loss. However, eating paleo will help you find your ideal healthy weight…..whether you have weight to lose or if you need to gain weight. I also like that a paleo lifestyle puts the focus on eating whole foods. There is no counting, no weighing, etc. If you are hungry, eat! Just make sure you are eating whole foods.

If I am to be believed that a paleo lifestyle is so fabulous, then why isn’t everyone eating this way? First, people’s initial reaction tends to be negative. They say, “I could never give up (insert food item here).” However, a paleo lifestyle is easier and tastier than most people think…and the benefits are amazing! Interestingly, a majority of the people who completed the paleo challenge are still eating paleo….because they enjoy the way it makes them feel. I will admit that there is one negative. It takes more time. Because you are preparing whole foods that are in their natural state, you must cook. You must spend some time in the kitchen…say 30 minutes as opposed to 10 minutes. This means that being prepared for meal times is key….especially when you get home late and are starving!

I am excited to provide a solution for this one minor issue….Paleo to Go! We are now offering a prepared paleo meal service through the gym. Now, the one hurdle to a paleo lifestyle has been solved! Come to the tasting party Thursday, March 26th from 4-8pm to try these delicious paleo meals. They are great to have for back up, to take to work for lunch, or to give you a night away from the kitchen.

If you have ever wanted to try eating paleo, now is the time!

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