sled pullIt takes a village to raise kids, and parents… lets face it… we could all use a little help. They didn’t come with a manual and each kid is different. What is constant is that children thrive in a positive, fun environment… they move better, drop their negativity and are open to correction. They need a place where the healthy habits they are taught at home are reinforced. For my family, this place has been at Crossfit 1607.

I have watched my kids’ smiles grow as they hear Saturday is coming… they tell all their friends about CrossFit Kids and practice their skills at home. They tumble and play, They pretend play “1607” and Mia becomes coach Mia, making her sister, brother and friends play games, squat and jump.   They have fallen in love with movement and are learning all the essential life skills I was never taught as a kid, or had to learn the hard way. Movement is not a punishment, challenges are exciting, cheering for your fellow competitor is rewarding and that it is ok to not win everything.

Our CrossFit kids classes are filled with laughter and fun. We reinforce skills through games & team work. We are yet to have sad faces leave the gym after class… Including my own. Our family has enjoyed the community and positive environment so much, and are reaping the benefits by watching our kids growing in character and strength. That is something money cant buy.

So if you are sitting on the fence about it, or considering signing your kids up… Just try it out. Come watch on a Saturday…or talk to Coach Michelle or myself. We would love to chat more about it.



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