After graduating from Virginia Tech, I moved back to Williamsburg, where I grew up. With a B.S. in Exercise and Health Promotion, I knew I wanted to be involved with exercise. That is when I became a personal trainer and eventually found CrossFit. CrossFit appealed to me not only for its definition of functional movement and philosophy of a true healthy lifestyle, but also because I was personally searching for a different way to exercise. I was immediately hooked from the effectiveness of the workouts to the strength, power, and mobility I was gaining. Having only scratched the surface of CrossFit and the movements, I wanted to learn as much as I could. To increase my knowledge, I completed my Level 1 CrossFit training and became a CrossFit trainer. Through the continuation of my CrossFit knowledge, my belief in its effectiveness grew. I now want to be able to share CrossFit, its philosophy, and how much fun this style of working out can be with others.