CrossFit 1607 – CrossFit


shoulder pre-hab (No Measure)

3-way shoulder

10-15x pvc shoulder pass throughs

10x plank circles (R/L)

10x scap push ups

10x prone shoulder flexion (R/L) OR 2.5# Y’s

20x band pull aparts

Warm-up (No Measure)

2 Rounds:

10x alternaiting lizard

10x lateral lunge

7x push up pull through

Power clean position drills:

1-2-3-4- GO

1-2-3- GO



Push Jerk position drills

1(rack) 2(dip) 3(drive) 4(stand)

1-2-3 (hold 5″)-4

1-GO (hold at 3) -4



Power Clean + Push Jerk (4x (3+3) @70%)


“30 with a twist” (Time)

For time:

30x PSN (85/60)

30x Back Squat

30x Push Press

30x Front Squat

30x Power Clean

*every time you break, you are done with the movement. Take the remaining reps and add it to the end of the workout as burpees
This WOD was last completed on 2/8

1) Rx

2) 75/55

3) 65/45

4) 45/35

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