CrossFit 1607 – CrossFit


shoulder pre-hab (No Measure)

3-way shoulder

10-15x pvc shoulder pass throughs

10x plank circles (R/L)

10x scap push ups

10x prone shoulder flexion (R/L) OR 2.5# Y’s

20x band pull aparts

Warm-up (No Measure)


2 rounds:

10x PVC hollow ups

10x PVC arch ups

10x hollow hold hanging lat activations

10x banded lat pull downs

10x ring rows

10x lateral lunges

10x Russian baby makers



2×5 controlled kip swing (feet on box)

5×5 kip swing (focus on tight, consistent rhythm)

**must end every kip in dead hang position i.e controlled stop


5×5 bar taps- focus lat activation, causing lift and toe scoop of hollow



Pull-ups (3×8 partner assisted)

Goal this week is to add 1 rep to the total work.

If you can do 1 or more pull ups, do them. Then, use a partner to finish the set



Pull-ups (3 x 0.6 (max) + 3 strict)

Goal this week is to increase 3 strict pull ups, starting at 60%.

Kipping pull up (1 x 1.3 (max) + 3)


Metcon (4 Rounds for time)

Every 5 minutes

21/17 x calorie row

15x OH squat (96/65)

9x burpees

(3′ cap)

-rest 2′ between efforts-
Each athlete must be off the rower in 2′ or less. Scale calories if necessary.

1) Rx

2) (75/55)

3) (65/45)

*Choose a front squat over an OH squat if you are unable to maintain proper positioning. A really good front squat is better than a poorly executed OH squat.

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